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About us

Our activity started in Libya since 1994, as specialists in the import and distribution of food to meet the needs of the growing customer and as a result of our excellence and our commitment to our customers we had the largest share of the volume of the Libyan market in the distribution and F.M.C.G field.

We have established AlRabia Aljadeed company, aiming to import finest fast moving consumer goods products in order to fill the gap between supply and demand in that specific field in Libya.

To expand our activities covering more largest areas, we had established two branches, first branch in Benghazi second in Tripoli.

To achieve company targets we had hired the best team of experts that are well chosen, also continued training provided aiming to enhance their knowledge.  

A huge number of  distribution vehicles of various different products that cover all parts of Libya, which has an area of about 2 million square kilometers.

The company owns and operates a group of distribution stores in the major commercial sites specializing in the food trade to easily reach and become near distributors and retailers also to facilitate, speed up the spread of products, as follows:

        Hall Alkabaely samba street, ALEkrimia,Tripoli.
        Hall No. 199: Dubai Commercial Street, ALEkrimia, Tripoli.
        Hall number 6 block 4: Commercial Complex (Arab market), Benghazi.

The company owns a huge warehouses with a total area of approximately 7000 square meters in the city of Benghazi and 8000 square meters in the city of Tripoli.

We have large refrigerators to store frozen products in our both branches Benghazi and Tripoli

AlRabia Aljadeed company owns two trademarks (Bahi "tuna and cheese" and Canary "cooking oil" , also we are the agent of several companies from all over the globe.